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Once you decide to work at Accenture, you should familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of the multinational company at an early stage. Let's talk about working at Accenture here.

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Accenture is one of the best places to work in the world. It offers tremendous opportunities to employees, enhances their skills, promotes inclusion and diversity, and allows them to gain tons of meaningful experiences. The focus is not only on company growth. Instead, it takes care of its employees by supporting them through various means. You can never go wrong with Accenture. Apart from the salaries offered to the employees, you will also enjoy some perks and huge bonuses like: B. prioritization of health services, promotion of personal and professional development of employees, holidays and many more. In this article you will learn what it means to work at Accenture.

What is Accenture?

Accenture Plc. is an Irish multinational company specializing in the provision of consultancy and other professional services in specific sectors. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, the company is one of the top Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 1989, the company has strong ethical policies that improve employee relations and ultimately have a positive impact on the company. As of July 2021, the company employs approximately 569,000 people and offers services in five different sectors, including:

  • Accenture Strategy– provides technology and business strategy services.
  • Accenture Consulting-offers consulting services in the fields of technology, management and economics.
  • Accenture Interactive– provides services in areas such as digital marketing, mobility services and analytics.
  • Accenture-Technology– leads and researches new technologies and offers services related to technological software, its implementation and development.
  • The Accenture Function– Focused on providing services in areas such as IT services, security, cloud services and more.

In 2020, the company had sales of $44.33 billion and established its operations in more than 200 countries. Today, Julie Sweet is the CEO of the multinational, who resumed her position on September 1, 2019.

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Career opportunities at Accenture

Accenture offers large quantitiesjob opportunitiesto people from different groups. Groups such as students, graduates, interns, professionals and candidates all have the opportunity to work in a multinational company. Here we will look at some of these groups and the various positions that open up within them.

  1. students and graduates

Students and graduates have the opportunity to work in the company. It doesn't matter if you're a student, postgraduate or recent graduate, you can improve your skills by working at Accenture.

As a student, there are many options to fit your lifestyle. For example, if you are the penultimate student and want to do something in the holidays, you can apply for the summer vacation program. Meanwhile, if you want to join an internship program where you can improve your skills and gain experience, there are programs that are perfect for you. All you have to do is watch the programs that suit your needs.

However,GraduateSome of these opportunities are available to those seeking training. You can work in various fields like consulting, strategy, analytics, software development, technology delivery, etc.Internet security, surgeries and more. Thanks to this, they have practical experience that will enrich their knowledge and improve their skills, create a social network and have a positive impact on the development of the company.

  1. Experienced professionals

Accenture offers employment opportunities to experienced professionals. These professionals bring their expertise in their respective fields to help the company grow. These fields are divided into six categories, such as:

  • strategic careerIn Strategy you will develop innovative strategies that increase growth through technology tools for the company. Additionally, you must advise industry leaders on matters related to the growth of their companies. This field offers positions in finance, human resources, sales, marketing, supply chain, IT and more
  • consulting career– Collaborates with leading clients to develop, design and implement solutions that can drive change across industries.
  • Digital Career– Employees collaborate and develop digital solutions to solve problems through technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, cloud, Internet of Things, robotics and mobility services.
  • Technology career– This category is about using innovative ideas, intelligence and industry experience to solve projects, meet customer needs and transform the business. Using technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, embedded analytics and more, this team thinks critically to create ideas that can solve complex problems. It works with companies like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, AWS, SAP and more.
  • The company– Workers at this level complete their tasks through the use of advanced machine intelligence and other innovative technologies.
  • security careers– Employees at this level manage security challenges, develop defense strategies, and prevent cyberattacks using existing technologies.

Average salary at Accenture

According to PayScale, the average salary for an Accenture employee is $91,000 with an average bonus of $5,000. Although the salary range varies by position, the company still offers good pay compared to other companies. Here, the highest-paid Accenture employee is the one with the title "CEO, Consulting," who earns an average annual salary of $256,500. Meanwhile, the position titled "Application Support Analyst" earns the least, with an average annual salary of $52,188. Regardless of this pay scale, Accenture still offers many perks and huge bonuses to its employees.

Perks of working at Accenture

Apart from the usual salary structure of Accenture, there are other job benefits that you can enjoy as an employee. Whether it's health, family, vacation, financial security or anything else, Accenture offers its employees a variety of benefits. Here are some of the benefits for you.

  1. Health benefits

Accenture values ​​your health, among other things. It supports and provides health plans in various sectors for its employees. Some of these areas are:

  • Health Insurance – Offers health insurance plans (PPO, EPO, HDHP and others) that cover medical benefits for its employees.
  • Eye Rental and Insurance - Dental and eye care plans are available statewide. The respective employees are offered plans like Dental PPO, DMO.
  • Wellness Program – Accenture cares about the well-being of its employees by offering wellness programs tailored to the needs of employees. This program uses an app that tracks employees' fitness, nutrition and resilience.
  1. family care

Accenture supports every family working in the company with various benefits like fertility benefits, adoption or surrogacy support, work-life balance, dependent care, etc.

  1. holidays

Like other forms, Accenture supports its employees with certain days of paid time off (PTO). By giving them paid incentive breaks, employees become more motivated to contribute to the company's growth. Some of the vacations include paid sick leave, 9-day paid vacation, traditional vacation time, and more.

  1. Financial security

Accenture offers a variety of financial plans that allow its employees to enjoy life while investing in the future. Its financial plans include the 401(k) Match and Savings Plan, life insurance, disability insurance, employee stock purchase plan and more.

  1. But benefits

Accenture offers additional benefits and programs to its employees. Benefits include legal advice plans, gym membership discounts, shopping discounts, pet insurance, identity theft insurance and more.

Frequent questions

  1. Why is Accenture the best place to start your career?

Accenture offers exciting opportunities that allow you to learn, grow and contribute to the growth of the company. Here is a starting point to improve your skills, exchange innovative ideas and implement proposals that transform business organizations. With the skills acquired in the company, you can develop and create values ​​that will support you in your career. In addition, you will build relationships and network with people of different specialties and backgrounds that will allow you to learn, grow and make a positive impact in any organization.

  1. How do I apply for positions at Accenture?

Accenture lists various open positionshis site. Here you will find a job that matches your qualifications and experience. Then select "Apply Now" to begin the application process. During the application process you will need to upload your CV. Once the process is successful, you need to give the recruitment team some time to review your application. If your application has been reviewed and accepted, you will be contacted by the recruitment team. If this is not successful, you can apply for other positions that match your skills.

  1. How can I prepare for an Accenture interview?

At Accenture there are a series of interviews before you finally become an employee. This can be done over the phone, via video or even in person. While some positions may require an online assessment, another may also involve testing your behavioral skills. No matter what stages you go through, you should be optimistic about the process. Research the company and the candidate position. On the day of the interview, dress smart, prepare some questions and think critically about the answers you give the recruiters.

Work at Accenture - Vacancies

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