Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (2023)

Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (1)

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ONEAmazon Prime Memberget elite deals with fast and free shipping and when you combine it with amazonGaming week sales, you have a winning combination. From now untilSunday, May 28Players can save up to 35%Gaming-Monitor, up to 50% upNintendo Switch Games, discount up to 21%.Soundbarsand so many more. Plus, Prime membership delivers all your favorite gaming gear to your home, fast and for less.

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Amazon Prime members can access hundreds of exclusive offers and discounts throughout the year. You get low prices in almost every category imaginable—and that's just the tip of the iceberg of what a Prime membership offers.

ONEAmazon Prime Memberoffers many benefits - most notably free and fast shipping on thousands of items across all categories - but while shipping is the main benefit, it's certainly not the only benefit. Get discounted products and exclusive offers (eg free offer).Subscribe to GrubHub+) and more with Prime. And if you have questions, we break down the subscription below.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Primeis an Amazon subscription that you can pay for monthly or annually to receive many benefits such as free shipping and access to exclusive offers. With the non-committal subscription, you can sign up or cancel at any time within the specified time window to avoid being charged (the time period is before the next month for a monthly subscription and before the end of the current year for an annual subscription). This means you have no commitment, especially if you choose to pay monthly.

How much does Amazon Prime cost?

Amazon Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year (equivalent to $11.58 per month) plus tax. The monthly plan is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to make a long-term commitment, or who only wants to use Amazon Prime at certain times of the year, like summer or the holiday season. If you sign up for a year, you'll save a total of $40.88. This is a better option if you want to order on a whim and take advantage of the flash deals, special offers and sales that appear day after day. Withthis linkyou can try AmazonPrime for 30 days for free to familiarize yourself with the advantages before making a decision.

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Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (2)

While fast shipping attracts most shoppers to Amazon Prime, it's just one of the many benefits you unlock with a membership, including:

  • Free, often 2-day shipping (and next-day delivery on select items)
  • Repeat deliveries for household items such as toilet paper or detergent
  • Daily Deals (We will help you!)
  • First class entertainment
  • access toExclusive sale

When you take advantage of Prime's entertainment benefits, you're even further ahead. This includes movies and TV withPrime Video, ebooks withTurn on, music withAmazon Musicand gaming with Twitch. There is an $8.99 monthly fee just for an Amazon Prime Video subscription. Prime members get this service by default, which means you don't have to feel guilty about paying every month just to watch the odd movie or series.

How do I sign up for Amazon Prime?

I'm going to youAmazon Prime home pageand click Try Prime and then follow the instructions. Note that you need an Amazon account to sign up for Prime. However, if you don't already have one, setting one up is easy. Go to Amazon and enter your information to create an account. Then add Prime to get your free 30-day trial.

What are the benefits of an Amazon Prime membership?

Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (3)

1. Amazon Prime Video

access toAmazon Prime Videoit's free with a Prime subscription. Subscribers have access to Amazon's wide variety of TV shows and movies with thousands of choices, including both originals and network series. In some cases, you may need a separate third-party subscription to a network such as Showtime, Cinemax, or PBS to view select titles. You can watch Amazon Prime Video from a computer, mobile device or smart TV using the Amazon Prime app or any TV with an HDMI port and streaming stick like this oneAmazon Fire TV Stickor theRoku-Streaming-Stick. If you just want to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, it costs $8.99 per month.

2. Amazon Music

Access to is also included with a Prime subscriptionAmazon Music, which includes ad-free streaming of more than two million songs for listening at home or on the go. You can play the songs at home through a smart speaker, e.gAmazon Echo Dot, or from a mobile device on the go with a wireless connection. the updated version,Amazon Music Unlimited, with access to more than 75 million songs, is available to Prime members for $10.99 per month.

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Prime membership also includes special access to over a thousandAmazon KindleE-books, magazines, comics and even audio books. There's also a changing selection of free e-books each month that Prime members can choose from. You can read it on a computer or mobile device or transfer the e-book to an e-reader, e.g. B. one, downloadAmazon Kindle.

4. Twitch Access

Signing up for Twitch and being a member of Amazon Prime gives you access to a free selection of games, a free monthly subscription to the Twitch channel and many other benefitsPrime Gaming.

5. Two day shipping

Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (4)

With Amazon Prime, you get fast and free shipping on thousands of items, including toys, electronics, clothing, groceries and more. As long as the product has the "Prime" icon next to the offer, it's eligible. You can also filter the search to only show Prime products that can be delivered quickly, often next day depending on the time of day you place the order and sometimes even same day depending on the item, seller and Residence . Amazon Prime also offers the option – where available – to schedule home or even car delivery using the Amazon Key app and a compatible vehicle.

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6. Try it first before you buy

For style-conscious shoppers, theTry Amazon Prime before you buyService could be especially helpful. The program gives you the opportunity to try on clothes before you buy them. You can select up to eight eligible items, try them all on once the package arrives, and pay only for what you keep. Everything else can be returned through Amazon's free return policy.

7. Alexa Voice Shopping

Join Amazon Prime to unlock exclusive deals and savings during Amazon Gaming Week (5)

Another advantage of Amazon Prime isAlexa-Shopping, which lets you add items to your virtual shopping cart by simply dictating instructions to a compatible Alexa-enabled smart speaker. For example, say "Alexa, add cereal to my shopping list" and it will be added to the checkout on the account associated with the device. You can also issue commands like "Alexa, reorder detergent" so you can shop the moment you notice supplies running low, making sure important items are delivered before you forget to add them to a written list.

8. Special Offers

Amazon Prime offers many discounts and special offers throughout the year. Amazon is currently offering some of its lowest prices of the year and incredible lightning deals on its best-selling products. For example, shoppers can expect to save up to 50% on select headphones, games, speakers and more. These limited-time offers are only available to Amazon Prime members. Meanwhile, Prime members also get special savings at Whole Foods Market and a free limited-time offerSubscribe to GrubHub+for a whole year.

9. Continuous discounts

In addition to sale days, Amazon Prime members also get 20% off products like diapers and baby food. Search for items and with a Prime membership you'll see the regular price plus any discounts or extra savings you can get with Prime.

10. Suggested Gift Guides

Not sure what gifts to get your loved ones for their next birthday? Amazon can do the hard part for you with their extensive rangeBirthday Gift Guidewith discounts and the most popular items from all major shopping categories. Prime members can complete their gift shopping and use this guide to find the best deals currently available on Amazon.

11. Amazon RxPass

Amazon RxPass is Amazon Prime's new generic prescription delivery service. For $5 a month, Prime members can access more than 50 prescription drugs without having to rely on insurance to keep costs low.

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Are there any discounted subscription options?

There are several ways to qualify for a discount on an Amazon Prime membership.StudentsGet an extended six-month free trial, then pay half price or just $7.49 per month. You'll also get exclusive deals, including just $0.99 a month to add Showtime or Amazon Music Unlimited for the first year (which gives access to more than 75 million songs) and a free 30-day trialAmazon Kindle Unlimitedfor access to a variety of books and texts and free grocery delivery from Grubhub on orders of $12 or more.

If you have an EBT card or similardocumentation of government support, you may also qualify for Prime Access, which comes with a discounted $6.99 per month and standard 30-day trial.

How do I filter a search to only show eligible Prime items?

On the Amazon home page, enter a search term, e.g. For example, "headphones" or "water bottle". When the results appear, select the box at the top left of the page that says "Amazon Prime" and an orange check mark with the word "Prime" in light blue. This will automatically filter the results to show only items eligible for Prime. You can also see the estimated delivery date under the Prime Free One-Day label that appears with the product listing.

How do I cancel my Amazon Prime subscription?

You can cancel an Amazon Prime subscription at any time and avoid an additional bill if you do so before your next billing cycle. After signing in to your Amazon account, select "Account" from the drop-down menu at the top right. Choose the "Subscriptions and subscriptions", "First subscription" and "Membership management" settings (update, cancel and more). From there, click on “Cancel Subscription”. You can also re-register at any time. Note, however, that you can only use a free trial once.

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