15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (2023)

If you're a small local business, you already know how difficult it can be to stay ahead of the competition, especially when you're competing with large national chains and big brand names.

However, success means more than just generating interest in your brand and products. You also need to successfully drive potential customers through your front door.

Today's consumers use search engines like Google to research, rate, and find local businesses, as well as anything else they need.

But without a well-maintained web presence and a completelocal SEO campaignTo help your potential customers in their search, you are always a few steps behind your competitors.

Adding the right local SEO tools to your repertoire can really help simplify the process of engaging your audience, choosing the right keywords, monitoring ongoing performance, and more.

Here are a few that all local business owners and vendors should try this year.

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    What is local SEO?

    If you are a locally focused business that only operates in a specific city or metropolitan area, then local SEO is an essential part of your SEO and marketing strategy.

    Local SEO helps you get found by local customers in your areawho are looking for what you do. You can gain more visibility in search engine rankings and local pack which will help you attract more customers.

    As with standard SEO, local SEO starts with choosing and using the right keywords for your business.

    Not only use your regular keywords like B. roofing, construction, and other service-related keywords, but also provide keywords to indicate your location. You could use key phrases like "builder in New Jersey" or "construction company, Trenton, New Jersey."

    There's a lot to good local SEO, including claiming your Google business profile and making sure your business is listed properly in local directories.

    With a completely complete Google Business profileYou have the opportunity to appear in thelocal package,the three results at the top right of Google. This is a prime positioning that can attract new customers.

    User Generated Content, just like grades, is also important. It's not just about what you say about yourself, but also about what customers say about you.

    So please spend time encouraging reviews and ratings.It is also important to respond to their comments. Potential customers would like to see how you interact with past customers and also how you deal with bad reviews.

    Using the right local SEO tools can ensure that you are using the correct keywords. They also help you fully optimize your content, be it on your website, Google profile, or social media.

    Good local SEO can give potential customers a great first impression.

    How can local SEO help your brand?

    We've covered some of this before, but we can't stress enough how important local SEO is when you're relying on local customers.

    You need to be found better than your competitors in local searches to get great leads.

    The job of your optimized content and your responses to these new leads is how you increase conversions.

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    Local SEO can ensure potential new customers can find you with a "near me" searchand search for Open Now.

    With location keywords in your copy, it will show up in a "near me" search. Adding your opening hours to your website and Google business profile will ensure that you can be found in Open Now searches.

    Adding the right content to business directories, your website, and your social platforms can help potential customers get their questions answered.

    They can also see your services, find your location, call you and most importantly buy.

    Why does your brand need a local SEO tool?

    With good local SEO tools, it's much easier to optimize your content for local SEO.

    The right local SEO tools can make it easier to find you in local searches and help you rank in the local pack.

    Local SEO tools can help you track your rankings and monitor your performance.With these tools, you can increase your rankings and optimize your content for the right keywords and local keywords.

    Also, you can get information about your competitors. It's important to know how you're doing with local SEO, but it's just as important to know how your competitors are doing.

    You want new and existing customers to find you above your competitors. The best local SEO tools can help you with that.

    Top 15 Local SEO Tools to Boost Rankings

    1. Growth bar

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (1)

    Think of a grand plan to step upSearch Engine Visibilitybecause your website is not a one-time thing.

    Ongoing maintenance and monitoring are critical to staying relevant, and local SEO tools such asgrowth barfacilitate tracking.

    Available as a standalone tool or as a handy Chrome extension, GrowthBar can be used to track the top keywords on any website.

    Of course, you can use the GrowthBar to track keywords on your own website, but most marketers don't stop there.

    You can also use it to track the authority of your top competitors.and all newcomers to the market.

    Additionally, the built-in ranking tracker can help you monitor which domains appear frequently in specific searches and tell you which ones rank well for specific keywords.

    2. SEMrush List Management Tool

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (3)

    Getting your business website listed in the best and most trusted online directories is an essential part of getting discovered and improving your search engine rankings.

    However, for busy sellers, keeping all their existing offers up to date can be quite a challenge.

    SEMrush List Management Toolis a simple and easy-to-use way to review, track, and update key information about your business across multiple local, national, and global directories.

    It's also a great way to keep track of how your business ranks in your location.or any destination city, and track customer reviews.

    3. BiQ

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (4)

    BiQit offers many of the same benefits that other popular local SEO tools do, but on a larger and more convenient scale.

    BiQ, for example, can help you with this.Track rankings for up to 1,000 keywords and key phrases in real time.

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    The interface also supports multiple languages ​​and is available as a handy smartphone app, so you can still easily manage your ongoing campaign.whateverwould you like it

    However, BiQ's usefulness does not end there. You can also use it to analyze keywords and generate great ideas for your continued development.content marketingcampaigns and identify potential gaps between you and your closest competition.

    4. GeoRanker

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (5)

    Whether you're optimizing for multiple different locations, or just want to closely monitor how you stack up against your competitors,GeoRankersimplifies the ranking process for any website locally or globally.

    Easy to useheat mapsmake it easy to see at a glancehow well the given website ranks in certain places compared to others.

    GeoRanker also has detailed analysis and keyword ranking capabilities, as well as a dedicated tool that allows you to trace the sources of any citations your competitors may be using.

    Together, you can use this information to optimize your ongoing local SEO campaigns and stay ahead of the competition.

    5. Local Falke

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (6)

    Although the most popular local SEO tools serve a great dual purpose as comprehensive SEO resources,Falke premisesit is much more specific in terms of its benefits.

    one needs to be configuredkeywordSo you should already know which keywords you are targeting.

    However, Local Falcon also offers meticulously detailed data that you wouldn't get with most other options.

    With Local Falcon, you can first perform an in-depth analysis of your local search efforts.

    It can also help you make smarter and more informed optimization decisions and predict their potential impact.

    And the pricing is incredibly flexible, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to fit this tool into their budget and keep growing this year.

    6. KeywordTool.io

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (7)

    as web toolKeywordTool.ioit is so versatile that you may already be using it in other aspects of your SEO campaign.

    But if you're not already applying it to your local SEO efforts, you definitely should.

    It is cheap, quick to install and very easy to use.It's also a decent tool to get started with, as you don't need any existing local entries to get started.

    KeywordTool.io uses Google AutoComplete to help you develop numerousLong tail keywordson any topic you want, making it a great way to expand or update your strategy.

    Also, it is very effective for generating targeted search volume data and filtering by cities. It even includes specific keyword information from major platforms like YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and more.

    7. Next

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (8)

    As you no doubt already know, an essential part of managing the reputation of any business, local or not, is knowing the opinions of customers in order to act accordingly.

    But detecting each one that appears in time is nothing more than a challenge.

    So if you are looking for local SEO tools that will streamline this process,Ext.is something that deserves a closer look.

    However, Yext is a useful tool on many fronts.The review tracking feature is especially useful for those looking to improve local SEO.

    It integrates with countless third-party websites to alert you to new business reviews from numerous locations.

    And you can even reply to them directly from your Yext dashboard, making it even easier to maintain good relationships with your customers.

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    8. Grid my business

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (9)

    If you already use Google My Business to make sure important information about your business is easily accessible to current and potential customers,Grid My BusinessIt's a great companion tool to always have with you.

    It is specially designed to work with Google My BusinessCompare your ranking to the current top 20 on a given SERP. Just configure your network parameters and you're ready to go.

    This makes it easy for you to keep track of your competitors' rankings and see at a glance how you're doing.

    Also, you can run bulk queries to save time and effort. You can also schedule different types of scans in advance to eliminate guesswork and stay consistent.

    9. Synchronization

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (10)

    If you are interested in local SEO tools that make reputation management easy, thensinopeis another example you should look at more closely.

    It's a fantastic way to not only track how your business is performing on search engines, but also to rank on platforms and directories.

    Synup actively monitors more than 200 directories, search engines, and more to spot citation inconsistencies and quickly correct them.

    Also, it keeps track of your ongoing traffic and current web rankings for you.

    Synup can even help you stay up to date with new reviews and business commentary so you can take action now.

    10. Brilliant Local

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (11)

    If you're looking for an easy-to-use and affordable tool that meets the unique needs of local small business owners, thenBrillanteLocalit definitely belongs on your radar.

    It's a great tool for regularly checking local listings, on-site SEO, customer reviews, and other important local SEO signals.

    If you're like most small business owners, your time is valuable, so you'll be glad to know that BrightLocal makes it possible.Monitor or update citations across multiple directories in one easy process.

    Search rankings on both Google and Bing are easy to track thanks to a unique grid view of your target area.

    You can even use BrightLocal to create and manage new or existing review campaigns.

    11. Locales Moz

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (12)

    moz localis another excellent tool designed specifically for the reputation management needs of any small, local or growing business.

    Like other top-tier local SEO tools, Moz Local allows you to automatically distribute, monitor, and change your business data across many directories and platforms.

    You can also integrate Google and Facebook,This also makes it easy to update these entries from your dashboard.

    You also get access to local reporting tools that make it easy to track local search visibility, listing results, and ongoing customer feedback.

    Plus, a low learning curve and affordable prices mean quick and easy progress when it comes to your local SEO efforts.

    12. Google Company Profile

    They areGoogle Business Profile(GBP) is a very important part of local search.

    It gives you plenty of space to fill out a keyword-optimized profile, choose the right categories, answer questions, add your services, and more.

    A complete and well-filled profile could get you featured in the Local Pack, increasing your visibility.

    You can do it tooLook vibrant and engaging with high-quality videos, images, posts, and graphics.

    As usual, Google looks for new, highly relevant, and quality content on your GBP. They want to see regular posts and updates, new reviews, and other user-generated content.

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    You can manage your reviews, reply to them, answer customer questions, and more. Customers will find all the information they need to buy from you, including the option to call you or book an appointment directly from your profile.

    Don't neglect this one. It is extremely powerful and could provide you with regular, high-quality leads if managed well.

    13. LSI Chart

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (13)

    It's not just about using the right keywords when tracking local search results. It's all about query intent and creation.Content that matches that intent.

    You waste time creating an article, no matter how well written, if it doesn't match the searcher's intent.

    You need to be consistent and make sure everything creates a smooth experience and is truly responsive to search.

    LSI or latent semantic indexinghelp If you write about Apple, you could write about computers or fruits. It's the related keywords that help Google understand what your article is about and show it to the right readers.

    For example, if you're writing about your computer, you might also use keywords like "laptop," "keyboard," and "wireless network."

    You also have to create something.LSI chartdenotes a "contextually relevant content silo."It essentially consists of several coherent and linked content in a group of topics.

    LSIGraph helps you target relevant keywords with the right intent, find the right audience, optimize your content, spy on the competition, and more.

    14. SEO Profiler

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (14)

    SEO profilerIt has been sold and is under new management so best to keep an eye on this as offers are subject to change.

    Currently, you can monitor your own website and also keep an eye on the competition. You can also make aSEO audit, which can be extremely helpful if you're not getting the results you want.

    Other tools include a link analyzer, daily rank checker, off-page optimization, and more.

    There is also a dedicated local SEO tool that offers local optimization, rich results on local websites, and local rank tracking.

    15. Mangos

    15 Best Local SEO Tools You Must Try (2023) (15)

    Mangosis a Chrome extension that offers what they describe as "simple yet powerful SEO tools for an effective SEO workflow."

    With this extension, you can find backlinks, track your rankings, discover good keywords for your business, and more.You can also get an analysis of your SEO efforts and your competitors.

    This tool offers some great features that could really boost your local SEO efforts.

    There is also training with an SEO guide, a glossary of SEO terms and a guide to its tools.

    To involve

    Now that you have the right local SEO tools in your arsenal, it's time to chart a course towards your goals and ultimate success.

    SEO is not something you only learn and master once. It's always changing, just like evolving technology, social norms and consumer preferences, so it's important to keep your knowledge up to date.

    Check out our full guide to the topSEO-Trends for an informative look at what's on the horizon.

    You'll receive valuable tips on how to update your content, create impressive interactive audience experiences, optimize your data collection methods, and much more!

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